Midnight Sun Cakery

(907) 229-0347

2192 Stanford Dr
Anchorage, AK 99508

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– We are committed to using the finest ingredients in order to produce a cake, that will not only taste great, but look exceptional.   We use real butter, real vanilla, real heavy whipping cream, ghirardelli chocolate, and real fruit reduction sauces. Our cakes do not contain transfats or high fructose corn syrup.  

– We bake each cake to order with fresh ingredients.  Each cake is created to be not only be exceptionally moist, but full of taste and have the ability to hold up to the demands of a custom cake.

– We have an impeccable reputation!  Anita, herself, has over 25 years experience in baking and decorating cakes, our cakes delivered on time and to order.  No exceptions!

– We work in a licensed commercial kitchen dedicated to a professional and personable atmosphere.

– We are trained designers. We know color, composition and sculpture and apply that training into edible art.  We also understand what is trending so we can translate your ideas into a unique cake that fits your style.  We are tech savvy and do our research before we come up with your design.

– We prefer to work with our great tasting buttercream, using a minimal amount of added dyes.   

– We love working with our customers to create a cake that you want.  The customer is truly first in our shop!

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